Need A Website For Your Upcoming Wedding?

Well, You Have Come To The Right Place, We Know That Planning Your Wedding Can Be Very Stressful, From Hiring The Right Vendors, To Long Calls With Different Relatives To Find Out If They Can Make It To The Wedding Or Not.

During this planning period, many things need your attention: Vendors Need You, Tailors Need You, Caterers Need You, The List Is Just Endless.

If This Is Your Current Situation, Then Pejul Digital Agency Is Here To Help Ease You Of Some Of These Burdens So You Can Focus On The Most Pressing Aspects Of Your Upcoming Wedding

Get In Touch With Us Today, Let Us Build A Beautiful Website That Will Wow Your Guests And make Your Wedding The Talk Of The Town

Common Problems Your New Wedding Website Will Help You Solve?

Locating Your Wedding Venue

Imagine Getting 100s Of Calls On Your Wedding Day From Distant Relatives And Friends Who Are Having A Hard Time Locating Your Venue, No Bride Or Groom Wants That Kind Of Issue On Their Wedding Day

With Your Wedding Website, Locating Your Venue Will be Easy As ABC, This is Because We Will Integrate Google maps Directly On The Website

All Your Guests Will Be Able To Easily Locate Your Venue Without Giving You A Single Call, This Is The same Technology Uber & Bolt Uses To Locate Drivers And Passengers.

In One Click, Your Website Will Be Able To Direct All Your Guests To Your Venue Either By Private Car, Taxi, Public Transit, Motorcycle Or By Foot

Online Wedding R.S.V.P

Many Couples Are faced With The Decision Of How Many Guests Will be Invited To Their Wedding, Some Couples Might Decide To Invite 300, 500 Or Even 1,000 Guests, But The Hardest Issue is How To Predict How Many People Will Actually Come For The Wedding

Many Family And Friends Might Miss The Wedding, While Some Will End Up Coming Along With Plus 1 Or Even 5 -10 Extra People And This Eventually Leads To One Of The Biggest Issues With Weddings, Which Is Either Shortage Of Food And Space Or At Worst, Excess Food Which Leads To Food Waste

This Is Were Your Wedding Websites Comes To The Rescue, With Your Website, All Your Guests Will be Able To Not Only Choose If They Will Be Coming For Your Wedding, But Also be Able To Choose Their Preferred Food From Your Menu, And Even Add How Many Extra Friends Or Family That Might Come Along With Them.

With This Amazing RSVP Feature, You Will be Able To Rent The Perfect Venue, Cook The Exact Amount Of Food Needed, And Also Save A Lot Of Money That Would Have Otherwise been Wasted Due To Wrong Guesses

About The Bride & Groom & Other Info's

Nowadays, There  Is Just So Much To Be Added To Your Wedding Card, From Groom And Brides Information, Parents Information, Venue Information, And Several Others, And Before You Know It, The Wedding Card Is Looking So Messy And Full Of Text

This Is Why You Need A Wedding Website, With Your Wedding Website, We Will Be Able To Add All The Necessary Information Your Guests Needs To Know, So You Can Reserve Your Wedding Card For Key Information, With Your Website, We Will Be Able To Add The Following

  • About The Bride And Groom
  • Parents Of The Bride's Info
  • Parents Of The Groom's Info
  • Bridesmaid's Info
  • Groomsmen's Info
  • Wedding Activities To Be Performed
  • Main Wedding & Reception Venue Locations
  • Wedding Timeline
  • Food To Be Served
  • Color Of The Day
  • Guests of Honour And Several Others

Online Wedding Gifts

We Have All Heard The Horror Stories Of Couples Who Received Be-witched Gifts On Their Wedding Day And Ended Up Having A Childless Marriage And Sometimes Death Of One Or Both Couples.

We All Pray To Never Experience This, But There is A Very Easy Way To Avoid This Completely, And This is Where Your Wedding Website Comes To The Rescue Again.

Your Wedding Website Will feature  A Gifting Section Were You can Display Various Gifts You Would Like To Receive, This Will Not Only Eliminate The Need To Receive Physical Gifts, But Also Make It Easy For Guests Who Wants To Gift You Big Items Like Electronics To Simply Just Pay For It Online On Your Wedding Gift Section

You can Add Various Types Of Gift Ranging From Cheap Gifts To Even Expensive Gifts Like Your Dream Couple Car Or Even A House,  You Also Have The Option To Add Cash Gifts, It All Depends On Your Preference, Once Gifts has Been Added, Guests Will Have The Option To Visit Your Website And Pay For Any Gift They Like, All Payments Will Go Directly To Your Bank Account.

As You Can See, This Is Will Even Help Generate More Money From Your Wedding and Also Save You From Any Possible Spiritual Attacks😊😊😊

Guests Accommodation

As We Are All-Aware, Many Family Members, Relatives And Friends Will Travel Long Distances To Attend Your Wedding,

And Of Course, Most Of Them Will Not Be Able To Make It Back To Their Homes That Same Day, This Is Why Hotel Recommendations Will Come In handy 

With Your Wedding Website, You Will be Able To Display Nearby Hotels, Apartments, And Even Restaurants, This Way Your Guests Are  Assured That They don't have To Start Looking For A Place To Pass The Night.

With Your Website Hotel Recommendation Feature, Your Guests Will Be Able To See Available Hotel Prices Nearby, There Helping Them Plan Their Journey More Effectively

Password Protected

Not Every Couple Is Comfortable With Allowing Everyone To Have Access To Their Wedding Information, Some Couples Might Want A Very Quiet And Low Key Wedding, But At The Same Be In Need Of All Other Features Of A Wedding Website, This Is Where Password Protect Comes In

With This Feature, Your Wedding Website Will Be Locked, And Only Those Who You Share Your Password Will Have Access To View The Contents Of The Website, So Once A Guest Visits Your Website, They Will Have To Enter The Correct Password To Access All The Information They Need

All You Need To Do Is To Share Your Wedding Website Password With All Your Invited Guest Via WhatsApp, Text, Etc., And Once They Visit And Input The Password On The Wedding Website, They Will Be Able To Get All The Necessary Information They Need Amazing Right?

Pricing And Duration

We have Three Packages And Each One Comes With Its Features,

Starter Plan (₦70,000): With This Plan, We Will Design A Full-Wedding Website With All The Features Listed Except The Online Gifting Feature & Hotel Recommendation

Premium Plan (₦120,000): With This Plan, We Will Design A Full-Wedding Website With All Features Including The Online Gifting Feature & Hotel Recommendation

Custom Plan (Call For Price): With This Plan, We Will Build A Full-Wedding Website With All Features Plus Your Custom Features, (These Are Extra Features You Will Need On The Website)

Duration: It Will Take Us Only 14 Days To Build The Website, But If You Need It Urgently, We Can Build It In Lesser Time For An Extra Fee


Get To Know Our Work Process

We Strive To Give Our Clients The Best And As Such Follow A Very Specific Work Process, Learn More Below

Step 1

Project Enquiry

The first point of contact is all about inquiries, at this stage, we will take note of the kind of package you need and when you need to commence the project

Step 2

Physical Or Virtual Meeting

After all enquiries, the next step is to have a physical or virtual meeting for a more detailed planning of the project

Step 3

Project Proposal & Invoice

In this step, we will send all necessary documents regarding the project and also an invoice to make payment

Step 4

Project Execution

After signing project proposal and also making payment, execution will commence immediately according to the proposal

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Our Pricing

Please Note That These Prices Are Subject To Change, If There Are Special Feature Requests Or Integrations

Starter Plan


  • Full Website Design & Development
  • Venue Location Feature
  • Online Wedding RSVP
  • Bride & Groom Info & Others
  • Password Protect
  • Guests Accommodation
  • Online Wedding Gifting

Custom Plan

Call For Price

  • Full Website Design & Development
  • Venue Location Feature
  • Online Wedding RSVP
  • Bride & Groom Info & Others
  • Password Protect
  • Guests Accommodation
  • Online Wedding Gifting

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