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Website Development For OIHM Clinic

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OIHM Clinic


Web Development


August 10, 2021


Lekki, Lagos

The Challenge: No platform for a global reach & market dominance

Olaking International Holistic Medicine (OIHM) Clinic, located in Lekki, faced a challenge in effectively showcasing their naturopathic expertise and establishing themselves as a leading clinic in Nigeria. Despite success on Instagram, they lacked a dedicated platform to reach a global audience and assert their market leadership as one of the best naturopathic clinics. Their absence from the digital space hindered their growth potential and limited their ability to provide comprehensive information and services to both local and international patients.

The Results: Comprehensive Website Development

Addressing OIHM Clinic’s needs, Pejul Digital Agency provided a comprehensive solution:

  • Website Creation: We developed a professional website that effectively communicated OIHM Clinic’s holistic approach to healthcare. The website became a hub for their services, doctors, patient testimonials, and educational content.
  • Global Visibility: The website offered a global platform for OIHM Clinic, helping them reach a wider audience beyond Instagram. This expanded their reach to international patients seeking naturopathic solutions.
  • Market Leadership Showcase: Through compelling design and content, the website positioned OIHM Clinic as a leader in the Nigerian naturopathic field. This enhanced their credibility and attracted patients seeking their expertise.
  • Service Presentation: We showcased OIHM Clinic’s range of services, doctors’ profiles, and patient reviews. This transparency built trust among potential patients and demonstrated their commitment to holistic healthcare.
  • Virtual Appointment Booking: The online appointment booking feature allowed patients to conveniently schedule virtual or physical meetings with the clinic’s doctors. This streamlined the appointment process, enhancing patient experience.
  • Online Shop: The integrated online shop enabled patients to purchase clinic-prescribed supplements and prescriptions. This provided added convenience and strengthened patient-clinic relationships.
  • Educational Content: We incorporated informative content to educate visitors about naturopathic principles and practices, establishing OIHM Clinic as a valuable resource for holistic health information.

By implementing this solution, OIHM Clinic transitioned from Instagram-based promotion to a robust digital presence. The website effectively showcased their services, established their leadership in the naturopathic field, and provided a user-friendly platform for patients to engage and access essential services. The combination of informative content, appointment booking, and online shop features made the website an invaluable tool for patient interaction, brand recognition, and business growth.

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