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Website Development For Hair & Body Touch

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Hair & Body Touch


Web Development & Marketing


March 24th, 2023


Lekki, Lagos

The Challenge: Lack of Online Presence and Marketing Channels

Hair & Body Touch, an innovative beauty marketplace, faced a considerable challenge with an absence of both an online presence and marketing channels. In a beauty industry that increasingly relies on digital platforms to connect beauticians and beauty product vendors with potential clients, Hair & Body Touch had no means to establish their brand, facilitate connections, and attract both service providers and clients. They sought to create a unique digital platform for beauty professionals and enthusiasts in Nigeria.

Our Solution:

Pejul Digital Agency provided a comprehensive solution to address Hair & Body Touch’s challenges:

  1. Web Application Development: We developed a brand new web application from the ground up, tailored to the unique needs of Hair & Body Touch. This platform allowed users to connect with beauticians and beauty product vendors in Nigeria, creating a vibrant online marketplace.

  2. Subscription and Listing Boosting Features: To generate revenue for Hair & Body Touch and incentivize beauty professionals and vendors to join the platform, we integrated subscription and listing boosting features. Beauticians and vendors could access premium features by subscribing, while boosting their listings for increased visibility.

  3. Social Media Ads: To attract both vendors and clients to the platform, we launched a strategic social media advertising campaign. These ads targeted the beauty community and those seeking beauty services and products in Nigeria, raising awareness of Hair & Body Touch and driving users to the platform.


The collaboration with Pejul Digital Agency produced significant results for Hair & Body Touch:

  • Established a Unique Online Presence: Hair & Body Touch transitioned from having no online presence to becoming the first-of-its-kind beauty marketplace in Nigeria, providing a platform for beauty professionals and enthusiasts to connect.

  • Revenue Generation: The subscription and listing boosting features not only attracted beauty professionals and vendors to the platform but also generated revenue for Hair & Body Touch, ensuring sustainability and growth.

  • Community Building: The platform facilitated connections between beauty professionals and enthusiasts, creating a thriving community of users who could easily find the services and products they desired.

  • Increased Visibility: The social media advertising campaign effectively increased the visibility of Hair & Body Touch, attracting both beauty professionals and potential clients to the platform.

  • Innovation Leadership: By offering unique features and being the first platform of its kind in Nigeria, Hair & Body Touch established itself as a leader in the local beauty industry.

In summary, Pejul Digital Agency’s solution not only established a powerful online presence for Hair & Body Touch but also enabled them to create a thriving beauty marketplace in Nigeria. The combination of innovative features, subscription models, and effective social media advertising contributed to their growth, community building, and leadership in the beauty industry.

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