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Fly Accommodation


Web Development & Marketing


March 10th, 2023


Lekki, Lagos

The Challenge: Absence of Online Presence and Marketing Channels

Fly Accommodation, a promising short rental platform, faced a significant challenge in the absence of any online presence and marketing channels. In a highly competitive industry, where travelers and guests often rely on online platforms to find and book accommodations, Fly Accommodation had no means of showcasing their listings to potential customers. This limited their ability to attract property owners and travelers alike.

Our Solution:

Pejul Digital Agency devised a comprehensive solution to address Fly Accommodation’s challenges:

  1. Web Application Development: We built a brand new web application from the ground up, tailored to the unique needs of Fly Accommodation. This platform allowed users to book short-term rentals in over 1,000 homes in Lagos and Abuja, providing an easy and seamless booking experience. Additionally, the platform included a full property management software to manage all property listings, handle host payouts, and streamline property management processes.

  2. Virtual Tour Booking Feature: To enhance user experience and set Fly Accommodation apart from competitors, we integrated a virtual tour booking feature. This allowed potential guests to explore the properties virtually via Zoom before making a booking, giving them confidence in their choices.

  3. Google Search Ads: In order to capture users actively looking for short-term rental accommodations in Lagos and Abuja, we set up Google Search Ads. These ads were strategically optimized to appear in relevant search queries, making it easier for Fly Accommodation to reach their target audience.


The collaboration with Pejul Digital Agency produced significant results for Fly Accommodation:

  • Established a Strong Online Presence: Fly Accommodation transitioned from having no online presence to having a cutting-edge web application, allowing them to showcase their extensive range of short-term rental properties.

  • Increased Visibility: The implementation of Google Search Ads significantly increased Fly Accommodation’s visibility to users actively searching for short-term rental accommodations, driving relevant traffic to their platform.

  • Improved Customer Confidence: The virtual tour booking feature helped build trust with potential guests, enabling them to explore properties remotely and make informed decisions.

  • Streamlined Operations: The integrated property management software made it more efficient for Fly Accommodation to manage their extensive property listings, ensuring smooth operations and host payouts.

  • Growth and Expansion: With an online presence and marketing strategy in place, Fly Accommodation was well-positioned to attract property owners and travelers, enabling them to rapidly expand their business in the short-term rental market.

In summary, Pejul Digital Agency’s solution not only established a powerful online presence for Fly Accommodation but also empowered them with a unique and feature-rich web application, a highly effective advertising strategy, and the tools needed to succeed in the short-term rental industry. The combination of innovative features and effective marketing contributed to their growth and success.

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