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Before we even go far, i will like to quickly state that is not a get rich quick scheme, neither is it also one of those boring list of how to make money that will take you months to even see kobo, this is something that will allow you to start making money in the next 30 days from the comfort of your phone

Ehhem, Lets get back to the main talk, in fact let me also give you another heads up in other not to waste any of our uncles or aunties time, YOU NEED TO HAVE BASIC COMPUTER KNOWLEGDE IN OTHER TO BENEFIT FROM THIS. 

Hope i was not too loud.... Now finally back to why you are here. You Want To Make Money, Most people will want to start telling long stories about investment, bitcoin, forex, affiliate marketing, etc. This is not one those stories.  To put in the most simplest form, In other to make money, i mean real money, not money that cant last ooo, i mean real hard, consistent cash, You need to do one these things, 1 Sell A Product Or 2. Sell A Service, Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, You might be able to survive on your measly monthly salary, hmmm but you know deep in your mind that your salary can never build you a house, nor even help you live life, am not talking about surviving life, am talking about living life to your fullest potentials, Chai, make i no speak to much grammar. In other words, if you look at all the millionaires and billionaires in the whole word, you will find out that there is one thing they all have in  common, They Own Very Large Businesses, The kind of money some of these business owners make in a day, even we gather our selves like 1,000 and work 24/7 till we die, we wont make 10% of it. Funny abi, Ok Na, At least we can all agree that salary doesn't pay, and that the only you can make real legit cash consistently is to own a business.  I know one uncle is already complaining in the back about how he doesn't have money to start a business. No worry Ya Sef, That's Why Am Here To Help

Let us all take a minute to thank God for bringing all of us to this God-Sent article, because today, in fact make i repeat am, I will not let you go unless i change your financial status.

In other make i no talk to much, let me quickly introduce my humble self, My name Is Peter And I Am One Of The Co-Founders And Current CEO Of Pejul Digital Agency, And We Are A Web Development And Digital Marketing Company Based In Lagos With Our Head Office At Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island. Lagos.

Hope our introduction no too dey long, ok now you know us, and i believe by the end of this article, we go also know you Hopefully ooo, No Run before the article finish oo, try read am finish, we believe this will definitely change your life.

Now make the real tory begin, just like we said earlier, the easiest way to make money, is to either sell a product or a service, and today, after months of deliberation, we have finally decided to take a huge step of helping our brothers and sisters by passing this wonderful knowledge that we have used to generate lots of money for our company. Am sure you already guessed it, plenty people, in fact hundreds, and hundreds of people keep calling us every month, asking if we train people who want to become web designers and digital marketers, but we keep turning them down, make i just tell you the real secret of life, nobody go find money for ground, come call you say make you come pick am, shey you gerrit, if you dont gerrit forget about it. Just Kidding. am just confessing small small, dont judge me, for evrytime that i and my team have thought about training people, we have always felt like we will create competition for our company. And i believe every reasonable business owner will understand this. we no wan come train people wey go come collect all our customers. but recently we did our reseach and found out that there over 45 million businesses in Nigeria, and gues what? 95% of them are not online, this basically means that over 40 million business in nigeria needs a digital presence in the form of websites and also digital marketing. Make i quicky digreess, for our uncles and aunties wey no undertsand digital marketing, let me give you the most simple explaination, Digital marketing simoply means promoting your business using digital means, example of thses means are websites, mobile apps, socal media, emails, etc. i hope say everyone understand now.

Ok, back to the gist, as i said before there over 40 millions business in nigeria, and gues the funny thing, there are just well over 1,000 digital agencies in nigeria, am not talking about all those back yeard digital amrketer, am talking about real result driven agencies, ok now lets do the maths, no worry i know say some people don day fear, no be hard maths, na simple one. If there are just 1,000 Legit digital marketing agencies in nigeria ( including us ooo ) and there are 40 million businesses that need this digital marketing , then each agency will have to serve about 40,000 businesses per year, or about 3,300 businesses per month, and gues the crazy thing, no mather how effecint agencies are, they can barly serve 30 busineeses in a month. can you see the diffrence now, 3,3000 vs 30.

in reality, we need about 100,000 digital marketers in nigeria to be able to serve 33 business per month. Am sure you can see why we had to reconsider our stinginess, no matter how effecient we are, we can never be able to serve even 1% of all our potentail customers, and thats why we need help, ehheem sorry that why we need more promossing your men and women who we can pass this amazing knowledge to, so that we can all help our self create jobs for our brothers and sisters, because trust me buhari can not help us. abeg make saas no come carry from house. i mean Nigerian governemnet can not help us creat jobs, so lets create for our selves.

Hope everybody is getting the gist.

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Dr Qazeem A. Olawale Dr Qazeem A. Olawale

Dr Qazeem A. Olawale

Founder and CEO at Oihm Clinic

My experience was awesome and services rendered was topnotch. I will continue to recommend pejul to everyone interested in getting quality job. They're responsive and highly knowledgeable. I didn't regret meeting you.

George Fajeola George Fajeola

George Fajeola

CTO at Jammin Jerk Grill

It was a timely, quality, professional and good value that I had with Pejul organization. Very responsive set of member of staff and well organized company. I highly recommend pejul digital agency to all business owners

Comfort Ikem Comfort Ikem

Comfort Ikem


I had an amazing experience with them, in fact they helped build our first company website and also helped with marketing, i must say, they are the best when it comes to digitization and promotion of a business. Kudos To Pejul

Lawson-Adekunle Akintayo Lawson-Adekunle Akintayo

Lawson-Adekunle Akintayo


Pejul Digital Agency helped rebrand our old website and i must confess they did an excellent job, we are the envy of so many of our competitors, they are very dedicated to giving clients the best, Kudos!

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